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Eric Root, B.S., SMS, LMP




Institute of Structural Medicine

Structural Medicine Specialist (SMS) practitioners are graduates of a minimum 2,000-hour training program at the Institute of Structural Medicine.




International Fascia
Research Congress -
Harvard Medical School
October 2007

Eric and Marilyn Beech
IASI Conference
Boston 2007

Eric Root, B.S., SMS, LMP
Washington State Massage Board
Lic. No. MA00021212

  • Structural Medicine Specialist (2,000 hours)
  • Barral Insitute - Visceral Manipulation
  • Barral Institute - Neural Manipulation
  • Barral Institute - Vascular Manipulation
  • Barral Institute - Thermal Evaluation Techniques
  • Barral Institute - Osteopathic Listening Techniques
  • Member and insured by Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals (ABMP)
  • NCBTMB Certified (National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork)

Mr. Root graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in biology and minor in chemistry, graduate work in biochemistry, professional experience with software and database development, winning international awards.

He is a graduate of the Institute of Structural Medicine (ISM) and is fully certified as a Structural Medicine Specialist (SMS), a 2,000-hour 3-year program in myofascial structural integration and manipulation of connective tissue from a pathology-based approach and perspective.

Mr. Root has extensive training in various modalities of soft tissue manipulation, such as visceral manipulation (internal organs and connective tissues), neuromanipulation (nerves and supporting neural myofascial sheaths), vascular manipulation (sensing and balancing vascular flow in arteries and veins through manipulation of connective tissues supporting vessels), osteopathic listening techniques(manual palpation to sense restrictions), thermal manual evaluation techniques (sensing restrictions based on heat dissipation from the body tissues), myofacial length testing (objectively evaluating myofascial restrictions and releases).

One of Mr. Root's passions is research and exploring what is possible. He is collaboratively involved in photomicroscopy of unembalmed cadavers at various facilities and medical schools, including publishing photographic, video, and software teaching aides. He is exploring mapping of fascia in the human body, its characteristics, and hope this information can be applied to clinical practice.

Mr. Root offers workshops and study group sessions at the clinic to share knowledge with other colleagues and practitioners, including hosting workshops by other knowledgeable and skilled health practitioners from around the world. He is actively involved in research to advance knowledge of structural integration, bodywork, fascia and to share that knowledge with others.

Mr. Root enjoys working with performance athletes and has worked with State and NCAA swimming and diving champions, former World Mountain Biking champion, triathletes, ultra-marathon runners, skiers, bicicle road racers, yoga instructors, and skiers. He is working in close association with a swimming coach to reduce injuries to swimmers and improve performance. He uses stop action video, including underwater photography to isolate restrictions that reduce performance or have the potential to create injuries in order to gather informaton to create specific custom treatment programs for each individual athlete.

His greatest joy comes from witnessing his clients heal, grow, and become pain free.

Eric's passions are many, but photography is one of his favorites, another way to explore life, nature, and the human body and form. He reads all the time, sometimes four books at a time. He has rediscovered his former love of sailing and now sails the Puget Sound and the San Juan Islands whenever he can get away from the clinic. His newest venture is equipping and playing in his new "bucket list" wood working shop, turning, carving, machining, creating pieces of art.

Most of all, he enjoys good conversation with friends and those who want to explore life in all its dimensions. He has involved himself in many modalities of workshops over the years of his life, expanding horizons, mostly within himself. He lives his dreams and he does it with passion to the max. He spends as much time as he can with his lovely wife Susan and his daughter, Christine... if he can only tear himself away from everything else.

Professional Associations.
Mr. Root is certified under the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB). Mr. Root is insured by the ABMP.


Susan Root, BFA, RNC
Washington State Deaprtment of Health
Lic. No. RN00092685

Mrs. Root brings her experience from the medical world having buillt a 25-year career in neonatal nursing, neurology, including neurological rehabilitation, surgery, and trauma. She participated as a departmental researcher in a Level III Neonatal Intensive Care (NICU) neural-devleopmental core group and feeding advancement for premature neonates.She was a Certified Neonatal Resuscitation Program instructor, training doctors, respiratory therapists, and nurses. During her years in nursing management, she worked to establish a state-wide help-line for nurses in outlying hospitals.

She is married to Eric and has been apprenticing under supervised clinical practice at the PNW Soft Tissue Clinic for three years. She has training under the Barral Institute for visceral and neural manipulation, including osteopathic methods of reading the body. Her previous experience with infants and her training at the clinic have allowed her to develop a keen sense for soft tissue, its characteristics, and behaviors.

Children have an affinity for Susan and she loves treating children, as well as addults. Her work is closely coordinated with Mr. Root and is part of the teamwork approach that we apply to our clients. One of her dreams is to bring this integrated holistic approach to the world of infants and addressing the long term issues that result from premature births. Her passion for this work equals Eric's, enjoying coming to the clinic every day.

Creativity defines Susan. The unknown intrigues her. Finishing pre-med and a chemistry major in three years while working summers and holidays in endocrinology research, she heard her muse call, and finished college with a BFA in painting. Later she returned to college and graduated at the top of her class in nursing. She found her niche in nursing in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), and became credentialed in NICU nursing through the National Certification Corporation.

What drew her most to working with babies was the fact that as non-verbal patients she had to delve into the unknown, and figure things out for herself, since babies can't tell you what is going on with them. That same intrigue into the unknown fuels her passion for soft tissue work.

Just as the babies could only communicate non-verbally, so can soft tissues, and the intrigue of interpretation and communication in the language of the tissue is an unending exploration that ignites passion, creativity, and humility.

When Susan is not in the clinic, her passion is art, writing, and nature. She is writing a novel, painting in her studio, collaborating with Eric on art and sculpture projects in the shop. Her favorite place is sitting in her studio looking out at the lake, enjoying watching the seasons change, wildlife, and taking a break to row her boat "Steinbeck" on the lake.

Professional Associations.
Mrs. Root is certified under the National Certification Corporation as a Certified Registerd Nurse in Neonatal Intensive Care and is insured by the ABMP.





Mr. Root attended the 2007 International Fascia Research Congress at Harvard Medical School, in Boston, Massachusetts and the preivous conference in Seattle..
Mr. Root attended a meeting with leaders and innovators at the International Association of Structural Integrators (IASI) Conference in Boston, Massachusetts (October 2007) at Harvard.